SLD018Artist: Carlos Stefano
Track: Horizons EP
No: SLD018
Beatport exclusive: 5/10/10
Release date: 19/10/10


SLD019Artist: N-Armi
Track: Finding My Way To You / Life In Tune
No: SLD019
Beatport exclusive: 16/11/10
Release date: 30/11/10


SLD020Artist: Eskimo Elktro
Track: Synthetic Communication
No: SLD020
Beatport exclusive: 30/11/10
Release date: 14/12/10


SLD021Artist: Rico e liso
Track: Paris In Flames
No: SLD021
Beatport exclusive: 08/02/11
Release date: 22/02/11


SLD022Artist: Allstar Sessions Vol.2
Track: Various Artists
No: SLD022
Beatport exclusive: 22/02/11
Release date: 08/03/11


SLD023Artist: Flecker
Track: Anytime Is Party Time
No: SLD023
Beatport exclusive: 22/03/11
Release date: 05/04/11


SLD024Artist: Carlos Stefano
Track: Impulse / In Motion
No: SLD024
Beatport exclusive: 17/05/11
Release date: 30/05/11


SLD025 Artist: Elvey
Track: Fractured / Redshift
No: SLD025
Beatport exclusive: 12.07.11
Release date: 26.07.11


SLD026Artist: Rico e liso
Track: Oblivion
No: SLD026
Beatport exclusive: 02.08.11
Release date: 16.08.11


SLD027Artist: Vujisic
Track: I Love You
No: SLD027
Beatport exclusive: 23.08.11
Release date: 20.09.11


SLD028Artist: Kevin Holt
Track: Aftersun / Garland
No: SLD028
Beatport exclusive: 1.11.11
Release date: 15.11.11


Artist: Rico e liso
Track: Timberwolves / Hadouken
No: SLD029
Beatport exclusive: 22.11.11
Release date: 20.12.11


Artist: Carlos Stefano
Track: Tongsai / Hong Kong
No: SLD030
Beatport exclusive: 31.01.12
Release date: 14.02.12


Artist: Various Artists
Track: Allstar Sessions Vol.3
No: SLD031
Beatport exclusive: 29.02.12
Release date: 28.03.12


SLD032Artist: WANC
Track: Tigra
No: SLD032
Beatport exclusive: 16.04.12
Release date: 14.05.12


SLD033Artist: Flecker, Carlos Stefano
Track: Eternity / Vendetta
No: SLD033
Beatport exclusive: 23.05.12
Release date: 06.06.12


SLD034Artist: N-Armi
Track: Streamlined / Rooftops
No: SLD034
Beatport exclusive: 03.07.12
Release date: 17.07.12


SLD035Artist: Fastone
Track: Burning Up
No: SLD035
Beatport exclusive: 18.09.12
Release date: 02.10.12


SLD036Artist: Wonders & Lights / 95 Wonders
Track: Serial F*cker / Uploading Love
No: SLD036
Juno exclusive: 23.11.12
Release date: 07.12.12


SLD037Artist: Valzur
Track: Triumph / Insomnia
No: SLD037
Beatport exclusive: 18.12.12
Release date: 15.01.13


SLD038Artist: Various
Track: Allstar Sessions Vol.4
No: SLD038
Beatport exclusive: 05.02.13
Release date: 19.02.13


SLD039Artist: Am3ro
Track: Start Again / Lesha
No: SLD039
Beatport exclusive: 05.03.13
Release date: 19.03.13


SLD040Artist: The Funked Up Brothers
Track: One Day
No: SLD040
Beatport exclusive: 01.05.13
Release date: 15.05.13


SLD041Artist: Noisegate
Track: Inferno
No: SLD041
Beatport exclusive: 29.05.13
Release date: 12.06.13


SLD042Artist: Eppeti
Track: Skydive / This Love
No: SLD042
Beatport exclusive: 17.07.13
Release date: 31.07.13


SLD043Artist: Sam Outch
Track: Eunoia / Myso
No: SLD043
Beatport exclusive: 14.08.13
Release date: 28.08.13


SLD044Artist: Greg Wonders & Arnaud S
Track: Gold
No: SLD044
Beatport exclusive: 08.10.13
Release date: 22.10.13


SLD041Artist: Rico e liso
Track: Konfusion / Astoria
No: SLD045
Beatport exclusive: 20.11.13
Release date: 04.12.13