StopListenDance was born on the eve of 2009 following the closure of BHive/CSide Records: prompting two of the label’s most promising and recently successful producers – Rico e Liso (Rich Mockett) and Flecker (Steve Fletcher) – to join forces and fund a break away label of their own. Bringing with them a successful release catalogue, future artist roster and their own independent experience (Steve having also headed up the mastering division at BHive and Rich having co-ordinated marketing and strategy at the same label as well as being involved in another promotional dance music brand), both of them saw the opportunity to branch out and create a new digital record company to their own tastes.

‘To have fun’ was the key notion behind SLD’s start up, and this is resembled in the label’s playful appearance and concepts. The focus is on putting out quality dance music without following trends or re-creating genres. ‘We know what we like and we like what makes us groove’ is the simple format for releases – be it funky, deep, electro or techno. In other words, if it will make you stop, listen and dance, it’s the kind of music you will find here….